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miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Novedades novedosas de la novísima peli de "Conan"

Estas son las últimas fotos obtenidas del set de rodaje. Algunas molonas y otras... no tanto.

Aquí os dejo algunas declaraciones del productor, Frederik Mamberg:

We wrapped filming in Bulgaria on Saturday, some pick up shots are left and some still photography but the movie is now officially moving into post-production. It's really exciting. It is just such a big film, with lots at stake and the studio feels we are still so far off from release.

For me, Jason was really great. It remains to be seen what you guys feel, but to me he really got the role, the character, and the appearance. And he is believable as the Cimmerian. Overall, the experience was very positive, actors were good and liked their job, the production is big and expensive, and I just ask that you wait until you see the end result before looking at some shoddy amateur pictures of work in progress with cardboard stuff showing (just like any and all movies have). This is an effort involving many many people (at one point we were 600 people involved the same day) and every movie is about taking the audience into a fantasy, and sit back and be entertained.

I can't and don't want to spoil the film (after all, as I said before, the object of a film is to be taken to an exciting place and be awed and entertained - why spoil it before?) but of course, as with any major film, we go thru many any rewrites. I think with CONAN we had three or four rewrites by the original writers, then a few by a second and the third writer did, if I am not mistaken, something like 10 or 12 drafts. Remember that all drafts also get passed on to between ten and fifteen people for notes - the director, the producers, studio executives etc. It is a very important and difficult process and unless you work in Hollywood it is hard to understand why it must be so complicated (and when you work in Hollywood you have the exact same frustration!).

I feel that the shooting script captures Howard's vision of Conan and the Hyborian World. My team tried to point out obvious contradictions to his writings, and reinforce and put in references and polish details to make it so. But honestly, this ultimately is an adaptation that must work for a wide audience, and certain compromises must be made. Like Jason in bangs just does not look... cool. In fact, it looks weird. the look we ended up with (in my mind) is a believable Conan. And the world he is in... creepy witches, mad sorcerors, evil warriors, fantastic scenery, I mean it is all there... very pulpy adventurous, at the same time Marcus shot it in a contemporary, beautiful style and our second unit director David Leitch who also did stunt choreography has done a fantastic job with the acton sequences. And don't forget the photographer, Thomas Kloss who was outstanding - a very important job. We will obviously make the final script available at some point in the future, but again, all those plans are now in progress, I am just back from the Licensing Show in las Vegas where we met with many manufacturers of collectibles, books, comics and so forth to plan for stuff coming out along the movie.

Y algunas declaraciones más del ilustre director, Marcus Nispel:

You have said that shooting Conan is a childhood dream. How do you feel now having fulfilled your childhood dream?

-When I was a kid, films came to theaters years after the premieres in America. I am from germany and there we had to wait half a year or si for StarWars or Conan. But we listened to the soundtracks, saw the action heroes and knew about the movies. So we imagined them before actually seeing them. So I basically created the movie in my head. Now everyone keeps asking me if I am doing a remake. And i reply that this movie is the movie I imagined seeing when I was a child. And I am shooting it the way I saw it in my head,not in the way it actually was.

And how is this Conan movie different from the previous movies?

-The previous ones have the same name - 'Conan'. But we won't be making the same film. We are going back to the source books. These books have inspired hundreds of graphic novels, loads of video games and a film that was made in the age of disco, when special effects meant a great deal. We decided to make this movie more real, with less special effects but with stunts. This is why everyone on the team does martial arts. Even the actor who plays young Conan. I think that this is something new nowadays when there are so many video games, special effects and we are making a film that is closer to an authentic experience.

What will the soundtrack be? Have you though about Bulgarian input?

-Strange, the person I am thinking about, whose music we fell in love with. he plays this instrument - gaida (something like a bagpipe)And we like him a lot. The Conan Universe - Hiboria is perhaps very close to the size of Bulgaria because when you pass through it you can see africans, arabs, asians - it is like a mini-universe. So the music will change with the movement of the characters from one place to another. But I decided that the village Conan is from will be like Bulgaria.

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Anónimo dijo...

Vaya cara de cenutrio que tiene el tío este, pero bueno quizá funcione.

¿La cuki que tiene abrazada no es la cachonda verde de la última de Star Trek?

Anónimo dijo...

La super cachonda verde era de lo mejor de la película.

Kike dijo...

Que sepáis que la super cachonda verde tiene un montón de proyectos en cartera (sí, amigos, estoy siguiendo su carrera)...

Pero no, no es la de la foto. La de la foto es una búlgara desconocida que tendrá una única línea de diálogo.

Anónimo dijo...

"Vaya cara de cenutrio que tiene el tío este, pero bueno quizá funcione."

Bueno, Conan no ha destacado nunca por ser un intelectual,;) así que igual queda bien.
Pero miedito me está dando este proyecto, con lo que me gusta la primera...

Anónimo dijo...

Me ha costado pillarlo, pero lo de la spuerchachonda de verde se referirá a Rachel nicols , supongo. Es guapa la chica, pero por el moment no recuerdo que haya hecho nada interesante

joserrap dijo...

Apoyo la mocion del cara cenutrio... Tiene mas pinta de chulo playa metrosexual, que de tipo duro de verdad...

Kike dijo...

Es que Rachel Nichols es, de hecho, LA CHICA de esta película... pero aún no se ha publicado ninguna foto con su aspecto Hyborio.